Luton Homeless Partnership

Ending Homelessness through coproduced solutions


About us

We believe we can significantly improve services for people affected by homelessness in Luton, by working together in better partnerships. 

This will include involvement and representations from persons with lived experience of homelessness to co-design and improve service delivery outcomes for service users and stakeholders.


Our current objectives are:
  1. To embed coproduction in homelessness services in Luton
  2. To promote partnership working – a “call to arms” for everyone to get involved, showing inclusivity and collaboration
  3. To inform public perception – have a central portal to give information and raise awareness of services, but also challenge negative stereotypes

Since its inception there have been many milestone achievements - take a look here:

To find local services and the support available in Luton, check out the Street Support Luton website.

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