from the Luton Homeless Partnership

Big Change Luton was launched in 2019 as an alternative way to give to those in need.

Since then, the scheme has helped individuals to build a life away from the streets as well as support organisations working with people experiencing homelessness.

Created by The Luton Homelessness Partnership, the group of 20 organisations from across the voluntary, public, and private sector, are committed to working in partnership to reduce homelessness in Luton. And Big Change is just one way that you can help us to do that.

Why Big Change is important.

We know how hard it is walking past someone out on the street in the cold. But whilst giving money to individuals might seem supportive, it doesn’t always help them get away from sleeping rough. Getting people off the street is not straightforward and vulnerable individuals require dedicated and expert support from our local charities and agencies.

By giving to the scheme, you can be assured your donation is used effectively and to make a real difference. One hundred percent of your donations go to charities working in our town to give individuals experiencing homelessness the very best chance of making a real change in their lives.

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Make a donation using the contactless card donation points

How can you help.

How can you help.

Here's just a few ways donations have helped.

One individual with a long history of domestic violence, exploitation, and significant health issues, successfully bid for permanent council accommodation in November. To turn the shell of a flat into a home, she needed a bed, fridge-freezer, and cooker. Money from the Big Change channelled via her support worker at Keystage Housing has enabled her to purchase these key items to help her settle and progress towards the next stage of her full recovery.

An applicant who has used the services provided by NOAH Enterprise was given money to purchase a mobile phone which not only enabled him to open an online bank account but was vital in helping him to conveniently access and apply for job opportunities.

Declan, who was street homeless and had been living in a tent for eight years, had been offered a flat by Signposts and they were also able to support him furnish it.

“I found completing this application quick and easy I did it within 10 minutes with my key worker and was happy about how easy it was to understand and follow. I want to thank Big Change Luton and Signposts for apply for this fund with me. When I found out it got accepted, I did a little dance with my key worker Elizabeth. This will change my life as I previously lived in a tent for eight years. I can now focus on getting back to work and settling down. Thank you.”

The campaign also serves as a reminder that if you are worried about someone you’ve seen sleeping rough in Luton, you can alert Streetlink by downloading the Streetlink App or by calling 0300 500 0914.
The information will be sent to an outreach team who will respond the same or the next day.